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Read our the most Frequently Asked Customer Questions about buying a Gift Certificate below:

Gift Certificate FAQs

Can I use more than one Gift Certificate to pay for my order?

Yes! You certainly can.

If you have any trouble checking out in the WebStore though, please let us know by using the Contact Page.

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What if I don't use all of the money from the Gift Certificate I spend on my order?
If you don't use all of the money from your Gift Certificate, your Gift Certificate Coupon Code will continue to be valid in the amount of the remaining value.

For example if you got a $50.00 Gift Certificate and you purchase a $35.00 1 hour lesson with it, then you will have a $15.00 credit remaining on your Gift Certificate Coupon Code to use later.

NOTE: The expiration date will REMAIN THE SAME, and be valid 1 year from the date of issue of the ORIGINAL gift certificate.

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Can I give my Gift Certificate to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your Gift Certificate to someone else!

Transfers can only occur in the full value of the certificate (or the remaining value of the certificate).

For example:
If you have a $50.00 Gift Certificate, you can only transfer it as $50.00 to one other person.

If you received 2 gift certificates:

You may transfer each of them separately in their full value or combine them into one to one person.

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What if the Gift Certificate amount I want to purchase isn't listed?

If you want to buy a $150 gift certificate, you'd just select the $100 and the $50 gift certificates

You can choose to keep the amounts separate or have them combined into one larger gift certificate.

Tell me which you'd prefer when you're asked during the checkout process.
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Do I get a paper gift certificate in the mail to be able to present to the recipient?
You certainly can!

You'll get to choose during the checkout process whether you'd like to receive a printed out paper copy of a gift certificate to insert in a card or envelope.

Either way, when you purchase a Gift Certificate you'll be issued a Coupon Code to allow the recipient to make your purchases easily and securely online.

The Gift Certificate Coupon Code will be e-mailed to you even if you choose to have a Gift Certificate mailed to you.
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